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Creating A New Tradition

On Friday, March 1, the St. Maurice Knights of Columbus proudly hosted their inaugural fish fry dinner, a cherished tradition long associated with the Knights of Columbus. Catered by a local favourite, Mello's Coffee House on Merivale Rd, the event marked a new chapter for our community.

The church hall was buzzing with excitement as about 140 hungry diners found their seats. Everyone was ready to dig into a delicious meal of crispy fish, golden fries, and yummy sides. And for those on the run, over 30 people chose to grab a takeout dinner, spreading the joy of camaraderie even further.

The event's success was not merely measured in the savoury delights served but in the bonds forged and memories made. From the laughter-filled chats to the warm hugs shared among friends, the fish fry dinner truly embodied the spirit of fellowship and hospitality in our parish.

As the evening ended, attendees expressed their desire to see this event become a staple on the church calendar. The St. Maurice Knights of Columbus honoured a long-standing tradition and started a new Lenten tradition in our parish that celebrates community, friendship, and the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones. Cheers to many more fish fry dinners to come!