Prayer prayer warriors
Prayer Warriors

Calling All Prayer Warriors

We are recruiting Prayer Warriors to help provide prayer support for parish events and for individual intentions.


For parish events

  • like the upcoming Spiritual Gifts Seminar and the Alpha Retreat
  • commit one hour of prayer at a scheduled time during the event
  • pray at home, at the cottage, in the car, … or in the church/chapel
  • prayer schedule to be organized through email and/or phone calls


For individual intentions

  • for fellow parishioners, loved ones, etc.
  • requests come in through the parish website, parish office, etc.
  • lists of intentions are emailed to the prayer intentions team once a week
  • pray as you can throughout the week for those intentions
  • going forward, if we can establish a “phone tree”, we can include prayer warriors who don’t have email.


If you can help on either or both of these prayer warrior teams, please contact Debbie Smith at  or at (613) 601-4988.