Ministries Organizations


Catholic Organizations in our parish

Some national or world-wide Catholic organizations run chapters in St. Maurice parish.  Parishioners and others may wish to join these organizations that provide members with different ministry opportunities and more.

Catholic Women's League

The CWL calls its members to grow in faith and to witness to the Love of God through ministry and service. We hold true to our core values of faith, following Catholic teaching; service (local, national, international); and social justice-actively involved in society. We believe that we each bring our unique gifts to serve God. Activities include monthly general meetings with a social component, retreats, prayer services, bi-yearly pot luck, weekly communications, fundraisers, and outreach opportunities (homeless, women's shelters, elderly). Membership is open to all women 16 years and older.


Click here for more information on the work and benefits of membership in the Catholic Women's League

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's organization dedicated to promoting and offering educational, charitable, religious and social support programs in our community. We also offer assistance to sick and less fortunate members and their families. We are Catholic men who lead, serve, protect and defend our beliefs. We share a desire to be better, as husbands, fathers, sons, neighbors and role models in our community. Become a Knight and fulfil your call to do more and be more and to serve your parish and community with faith-led purpose. Open to all men 18 years and older.