I'm New About Us

St. Maurice is a thriving neighbourhood parish, located just a few blocks from the Merivale commercial area.  Many of our parishioners come from the surrounding community, but many join us from other parts of Ottawa.  We have a diverse congregation – multicultural and cross-generational, with a large group of young families.  

Under the leadership of our pastor, Fr. Ben St. Croix, CC, our associate pastors, Fr. Marcus Schonnop, CC, and Fr. Lawrence Hyginus, CC all priests from the Companions of the Cross, we seek to be a lighthouse in the darkness of our world, sharing the light and the love of Jesus with everyone.  We have no greater and more satisfying task than to bring people to Jesus and see them embrace the abundance of real life that He gives to all who believe. We are both traditional and contemporary, as we hold to the rich, historical liturgy, sacraments,and teachings of the Catholic Church while at the same time proclaiming the good news of Jesus in relevant ways that people in our culture today can both understand and find compelling.