I'm New Parish Census

Census 2

Frequently Asked Questions About the Census

Why are we collecting the information in this census?

Our current database has over 5,000 registrants and has not been fully updated in 20 years. In our post-pandemic effort to better serve our parishioners, we believe it is necessary to update our database with the most recent information.

Where will the census information be stored?

The information collected from the census will be stored on our secure password-protected parish electronic system and will be used to update our electronic database. Once the information has been imported, any physical copies of the census will be shredded, and electronic copies will be deleted.

Are you meeting Government requirements for data storage?

As we introduced to the parish in the November 2023 issue of Momentum, we have chosen to use Sunergo’s Church Database Tool, a Canadian Christian church management system located in Vancouver, B.C. You can learn more about Sunergo’s security profile by visiting it’s About page, but here is an excerpt regarding its security measures:

“At Sunergo, we use bank-level encryption (SSL). All data is encrypted as it moves between our secure, dedicated servers and the web browser on devices. As an additional security measure, Sunergo provides customized logon URLs. Each Sunergo account is only accessible from a customized, account-specific URL. You can assign specific access privileges to each user so they can view/edit only the data they should have access to.”

How will the census information be used?

We will use the information collected in the following ways:

  • To update our parish registration system.
  • To stay connected with our parishioners.
  • To have accurate giving information and to send tax receipts.
  • To better understand parishioner ministry involvement and to support the planning of future programs, events, and ministries.
  • To streamline administration.

Who has access to the information I provide?

Protecting the privacy of our parishioners is of paramount importance. At the heart of updating our database is the desire to better understand and serve our growing and faithful community of believers. Parish office staff will have access to the information provided in the census to update our database. Once the database is updated, we will use this information to improve communications with parishioners and ministry leaders, to obtain a more accurate picture of parishioner involvement in events, programs, and ministries, and to better plan for future programs, ministries, and events.


Can I opt out of future parish-initiated communications?

Yes, anyone who is currently receiving communications from St. Maurice Parish has the right to opt out of receiving communications at any time. Please notify the office if you wish to unsubscribe from parish communications.