Volunteers Needed 

Using our God-given gifts and abilities, we all have a role to play in serving Jesus, His Church, and others.

As missionary disciples, we cooperate with God in building His kingdom, led by the Holy Spirit and wholly dependent on His power and wisdom.

There are a variety of ways to put our faith into action within our parish, our community and our world, depending on your own interests, charisms and gifts.  

Within our parish, there are many ministries to get involved in.  The Ministries pages, https://www.stmauriceparish.com/collections/ministries highlight certain ministries where you can become involved, and in particular may identify areas of current need.  You may volunteer at any time by contacting the persons identified for a particular ministry, by completing the form below, or by contacting Deacon Kevin deaconkevin@stmauriceparish.com.  If you are unsure of where you want to volunteer, we will work with you!

Volunteer Form

Please leave a phone number where we may reach you below as well as indicate which area(s) you feel called to help with, or would like more information on.

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