New Human Resources Information System

Employ best practices for human resources management; Develop and maintain record keeping in support of measuring ministry progress; Update the parish registration system. 

As St Maurice grows as a parish and as new staff and volunteers come on board and serve in various capacities, it is important that we are compliant with federal, provincial, and diocesan legislation and best practices. An HRIS (human resources information system) can help us meet these requirements, while assisting us in onboarding new staff and volunteers and developing our leadership. We looked for a system that is affordable, secure, and multi-functional and chose HR Downloads, a secure Canadian HRIS. This system will centralize documentation and personal information for our growing group of more than 200 volunteers and staff. It will also help us source training options; facilitate the creation of job descriptions, contracts, policies, procedures, manuals, and handbooks; and create efficiencies in securely distributing and tracking the completion of mandatory trainings, policies, and Safe Environment checks. Individuals can access their own files, helping to ensure that information is accurate and training up to date. Equally exciting is the forthcoming comprehensive church management system (CMS), a cost-saving step that will support all parish ministries and leaders through its centralized, integrated platform, allowing for diagnostics, analyses, communication, storage, website hosting, finance, record keeping, and registration. We will report to you on the CMS once ministry leaders have had some onboarding and an opportunity to use it in their ministry areas. 

Carol Gariepy, HR Manager

Care of our Building

Optimize care, maintenance, and use of the building and equipment. 

Proper care of our building and equipment is being supported by the Operations Request button on our website. Parishioners have begun to use this button to identify furniture needing repair, signs needing replacement, and other care requests. 

We Would Love to Hear from You

Let us know what you think of our report. You can email us at office@stmaurice or click on the link below to complete a feedback form. 

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