Building Community Through Invitation and Connection

Build effective new teams for key functions; Develop a hospitality ministry to welcome and integrate people into parish life; Promote an invitational culture; Offer multiple ways for people to connect and get to know each other.

In the last issue of Momentum, we reported that two teams are forming within our new hospitality ministry. The Welcome Team, now coordinated by Kaelynne Makan, established a welcome table on the mezzanine with a personal host for each Christmas Mass. Two key materials are offered at the table as a starting point. Completing a “Connect Card” will result in a personal contact from a parishioner. So far about 20 new contacts have been initiated this way. An info card presents key information about the parish and upcoming events. The ongoing presence of the table also serves to remind the whole parish that we are all responsible to be welcoming of each other, especially newcomers. The next goals are to create more awareness of the welcome table, to host the table at all weekend Masses, and to develop info materials that are not specific to a season. The team is also developing materials for those who will host at the table. 

The Events Planning Team has drafted a first event proposal and has submitted it to the core team for consideration. Stay tuned for more from them in the next issue.

The objective of establishing a hospitality team has been met, but the team needs more members! Anyone with a heart for hospitality and community will find a place on this team to exercise their gifts. You will be in on the ground level of developing a new ministry and shaping it to support the parish mission and vision going forward. 

Small Groups

Develop a small groups ministry.

Do you find it hard to get to know people at St Maurice? Joining a small group can answer this need by connecting you to people for regular fellowship, study, sharing, and prayer during the week. Our first step toward developing a small groups ministry at St Maurice was running a pilot program last spring as a follow-on after Alpha. Alpha will continue to seed new groups, and we are also gearing up to offer this program parish wide. So, think about it. Would you be interested in joining a small group with rotating leadership? Training will be offered to get things started. Keep an ear open for future announcements about this venture.


Run Alpha and Discovery 3 times per year in the parish.

Alpha continues to be the key entry point to our developing discipleship pathway, where people can encounter Jesus and learn the basics of the Christian faith. Offering Alpha online during the pandemic taught us that online delivery opens the program to some people who would not otherwise participate. We are now offering a hybrid delivery model, which includes both in-person and online programming. We currently offer Alpha twice each year, in the fall and winter. 

Journeying together

Parishioners Jammie McKenzie and Jane Keenan met each other at Alpha, where Jane was the leader of Jammie’s breakout group. After Alpha, the group continued to meet for Discovery, the first CCO Faith Study. Jammie is now a catechumen in the RCIA program at Saint Maurice, with Jane as her sponsor. We asked them to record a recent conversation about their faith journey together. 

Jane: It’s hard to believe it was just over a year ago that we met at Alpha. What were your first impressions?

Jammie: I was shy at first. I didn’t know what to expect – if it would be relevant to me and if I’d have anything contribute. But I immediately felt so welcome. 

Jane: I was struck with how much each of us in our group had in common and how open, honest, and at times funny our discussions were. We quickly went from being strangers to faith journey companions. I left every Alpha evening feeling energized and thankful. It was so encouraging to see you share more and more as the weeks went on. 

Jammie: I was surprised at how quickly I felt part of the group. In fact, it felt almost like a family. I loved the dynamics. Some participants were confused about the faith, some were fairly new to faith, and others had been exploring these types of questions for a long time. Every week I felt more and more comfortable talking, feeling like I was not being judged. Everyone had questions and ideas to share. 

I had always thought that there was something that made the world go around, but I had never explored the idea. Alpha gave me that chance. I learned for the first time that it is Jesus. Encountering Jesus has made all the difference. He gives me meaning, purpose, something to look forward to, and forgiveness. He matters in my life. He has brought me what I want in my life, such as Joey and his sheep (children), love, hope, friendship, and happiness. 

Jane: We ended up enjoying the fellowship and support of each other so much that we wanted it to continue when Alpha was over. How do you feel now about our decision to do Discovery together? 

Jammie: Alpha had made me thirsty to read, learn, and share more. The Discovery faith study gave me that opportunity and really activated my personal faith. It led me to want to become Catholic. I am excited to be going through the RCIA program right now. I also decided to become part of the Family Ministry at St. Maurice, as well as a volunteer for the Alpha program that is now underway. And I’m looking forward to starting the next faith study. 

Jane: Me too! That study, called Source, is going to teach us about living life in the power of the Holy Spirit. So OK, one last question. If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice when you were trying to decide whether to take the first step by signing up for Alpha, what would you say?

Jammie: Just do it, don’t be afraid, no questions are silly, you can get closer to God.

Jane: I’m so glad you said yes to Alpha and everything that has followed. I can’t wait for Easter Vigil when you will be received into the Catholic Church! I’ll be standing there with you, sisters in the Lord

A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34


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