FAQ & Answers

We are following the guidelines from the Federal, Provincial and Ottawa Health authorities. We are revising our protocols as policies are updated.

If someone is concerned enough to get a COVID-19 test, they should also be concerned about the potential to be asymptomatic and pass COVID-19 onto others without knowing it. So if someone is going for a test, they and their family should stay home until the test results come in, and depending on the results potentially longer. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still lifted. We have livestream options. So please stay home if you or someone in your household is awaiting test results.

The only exception would be if you fall into the Lowest Risk category (see link below), where you had "NO close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, NO travel outside of Canada, and NO symptoms. You should self-monitor, but you are NOT required to self-isolate while you wait for your test result." 

If you are awaiting test results, and even if you have your results (Positive or Negative) please see the following chart on what the Government is asking of you:


Also please see the Class Order given to all those in Ottawa from Dr. Vera Etches on September 22, 2020.


We are limited by provincial rule as to how many people can be together in the Church at any one time. For the busiest Masses (9am and 11am) we ask that you note a second choice in case your first choice is full. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still lifted at this time. If you cannot attend in person, we encourage you to participate in Mass via our Live-streamed Mass.

This is not because we don't need your money. We do, and we appreciate your generosity in wanting to support your parish during this time. However, all the money and cheques that come in require money counters and people to properly deal with the money. This brings more people in contact with one another along with the money and paper from various people. We want to minimize this, and so we encourage you to find new ways to give online (click here).

Yes, you can! Although the process is a little different than in the past. You can either call the parish office (select Extension #3 for Mass Intentions) or email the parish office, explaining that you would like to schedule a Mass intention and recieve a card. 

For Unannounced Mass Intentions:

The office will get back to you to confirm and sort out the details including payment options. Then a Mass card will be mailed to you. Then a Mass card will be mailed to you.

For Announced Mass Intentions:

The office will get back to you to confirm and sort out the details including payment options. Then a Mass card will be mailed to you. Then a Mass card will be mailed to you.

Please note that we will only be schedueling one announced intention per Mass. We are only booking for the year, and not several years in advance. Limit of 5 Announced Mass Intentions per year (in order to let others have opportunity to book announced intentions).

To view monthly announced intentions click here.

We have removed the devotional candles for the time being. With COVID-19 we are trying to limit the amount of areas we need to clean, people traffic, and also the physical money that needs to be counted and sorted.

Yes. The priests are happy to bless items for you. We ask that you ask the priest following a weekday Mass, or that you schedule a time to drop by the parish.

We have studied the various documents from this Archdiocese, various other dioceses and government mandates. We have also consulted with health care professionals who have seen the layout of our Church and we have received approval from our Episcopal vicar for our current system. This system helps you avoid being close to those on the edges of the pew and reduces the amount of traffic and social distancing problems. It ensures a reverent and safe distribution of Holy Communion.

No. At this time the Archbishop of Ottawa has temporarily suspended the distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue. While recieving Holy Communion on the tongue is a right of Catholics that cannot be taken away, in times of war and pandemics, Bishops have the authority to give provisional norms which must be obeyed. Once the situation returns to normal, these provisional norms will no longer be in effect.

We are still not able to make parts of the building available for various ministry groups due to COVID-19. Even our office staff are using online tools for meeting and working from home as much as possible.

The number of active cases in Ottawa continues to increase. We will monitor the situation and discern possibilities. However, at this point we are still finding it difficult to maintain the basic volunteers needed to help register, usher and clean the Church so that weekend and daily Masses can happen. We are encouraging ministries to find ways of meeting online, and even looking at ways at ministering at St. Maurice in different roles during COVID-19 so that we can keep the sacraments available. Ministry leaders can speak with Dcn. Kevin O'Shea for more information.

While much of the world continues to be locked down in various forms due to COVID-19, the sacraments and God's grace are never locked down. However, the way in which they are ministered may look different though. 

For information on the various sacraments, please look at the Sacraments drop down menu on our website for more information.

We are continuing to explore ways of running various ministries online, whether that is Alpha, CCO Faith Studies, sacramental prep etc. We also encourage you to look into creative ways of gathering as a community online and staying connected with your fellow parishioners during these difficult times.

Due to COVID-19, our adoration chapel is too small and its airflow is inadequate to meet COVID-19 protocols. While we recognize the great desire to pray, we need to ensure safety as well. At this time we do not forsee the adoration chapel re-opening for quite a while. The parish however, is resuming adoration in the Church on Tuesday nights, and we are having opportunities for parking lot adoration. 

Confession is available on Saturday's from 3-4pm outside the doors in the large parking lot. As weather shifts we will bring confession inside the Atrium. We are also planning on bringing back confession on Tuesday night following Mass, during which Adoration will also take place until 8:30pm. It is important to note that to come for confession on Tuesday nights, you will already need to be present for Mass as we will not allow people to enter later in the evening.

You can also contact one of the priests or the parish office to schedule an appointment during another time.

The pandemic has placed an extra burden on the parish to set-up, track attendance, sanitize etc. In addition to those realities, moving online has also increased the work, as does reaching out to parishioners who cannot attend at this time. The parish needs many volunteers to continue to make this work and expand our opportunities to minister safely. If you want more info, and are comfortable helping at this time, please click here.