Here is a page of news and events that may be of interest to you, as a way of advertising some of the many activities, appeals and resources happening in our parish and elsewhere.

What's going on within our parish?

Wanted: Large Television

The parish is still looking for a large TV screen/monitor that can be used in the third floor meeting space for groups that need a presentation or video (HDMI compatible).  If you are upgrading yours and wondering what to do with the old one, or just have one you don’t need, the donation would be very much appreciated.  Please contact the office at 613-224-1892 or

What's happening outside our parish.

The Story Must be Told
Permission: Fr. Bob’s Vision for the Church

“You can’t deny what has happened through this man and the legacy of it.” -Angèle Regnier (Co-Founder of CCO)
Permission: Fr. Bob’s Vision for the Church is a film being developed to tell the story of the founder of the Companions of the Cross, Fr. Bob Bedard, CC.
“He was preaching New Evangelization before the word even became popular”. - Bp. Scott McCaig, CC
This is the story of a modern day champion for the renewal of the priesthood and the church. It is a story that must be told.  This film is being crowdfunded and we encourage you to be part of the team funding this incredible film. There are many levels of giving and each donation is tax deductible through the Companions of the Cross. 

Catch the Aces is Back!

The Ottawa Central Council (OCC) of the Society of St- Vincent de Paul is pleased to announce the return of the Catch the Ace lottery. The first draw will take place on July 12 and every Tuesday after that until the Ace of Spades is drawn again. Tickets are $10 each, purchase online only, and they are good for the draw on the Tuesday after the purchase. This lottery supports the Anchor Housing project with which the Ottawa Central Council hopes to provide safe, secure, permanent housing for 4-6 Indigenous families.

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