We exist to bring everyone into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, to help them grow in their faith and then send them forth to share the Good News with others.

We accomplish this through the sacraments, various ministry activities, personal prayer and evangelization opportunities. Under the direction of Father Tim Devine, CC, Father Marcus Schonnop, CC and Father Jerry Gauvreau, priests from the Companions of the Cross St. Maurice Parish proclaims the joy of the Gospel – Jesus Christ fully alive! 

At St. Maurice we recognize the importance of building community. We are an active parish that becomes a regular place for people to meet and grow together. With many activities to take part in, parishioners develop close family like bonds through the sacraments, ministeries and through socializing.

Our parish is diverse and multicultural. We are a parish flourishing with families both young and old. We focus on educating children at a young age on the richness of the Catholic faith and continuing that faith formation through the rest of their lives. We are interested in bringing all parishioners into the St. Maurice family.

At St. Maurice:

We know the Lord personally.

We grow deeper in our faith.

We go forth to share the good news.


We look forward to meeting you at 4 Perry Street off Merivale!