Following protocols for operation during the pandemic similar to those the Ottawa Public Library is using, the St Maurice library is now offering an order/pick-up/drop-off service. 

To Order: Browse the book and DVD collection in the library website. 

Library Website

The library collection is organized into 6 sections:
  · Books
  · Books – Young Adult
  · Books – Saints and Biographies
  · Books – Dying and Bereavement
  · DVDs
  · DVDs – Children 

When you have found an item which has a copy available for check-out (not 0 available), send an email to with your full name and title of the book or DVD. Currently you can check-out only two (2) items at one time. 

For convenience, you can click the button "" from the library website to create the email.  

You will receive a confirmation email when the item is ready for pick-up. 

Pick-Up: Items can be picked up at the express self-serve table before any weekend Mass: 5pm, 9am, 11am or 7:30pm. The library table is located beside the Mass registration check-in table.  Please pick items up quickly so that you do not hold up the registration line. 

Enjoy: Items can be checked out for three (3) weeks. The due date is stamped on the reminder card in the sleeve in the back of the book or DVD. Please return items so they can be available for other parishioners.

Drop-off: The return drop-off bin is located under the library table beside the Mass registration check-in table.  Please place your items in the bin as you go past for Mass.