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Why does my tax receipt have so many categories? Why are some of my donations under the EFT category and other donations under the Operations category? What is the difference between Architectural Renewal, Capital and Roof Project?

When we migrated the data from the old system to the new system the old categories migrated as well.  Under the new system the categories are named differently. This is the only year there will be a doubling up. The donations for 2021 are only posted to single categories.  Currently Operations are the General Donations including Operations EFT.  However, on your receipt you may see some labeled EFT (old system) and others Operations (new system). The Roof Project is also made up of Architectural Renewal and Capital.

When will I receive my 2020 Tax receipt?

We will send your tax receipt via mail in mid February. If you have moved or are uncertain what address we may have for you, please email Catherine Morris, Office Secretary at

I have questions about the 2020 donations and the tax receipts. Who can I talk to?

Please call the office at 613-224-1892 and speak to Catherine Morris, Office Secretary or Claire Schultz, Operations Coordinator. You may also email or

Will I receive a tax receipt for the 3rd party donations I made (SVDP, Prolife etc)?

Yes, your tax receipt will include all the donations you made through St. Maurice in 2020.

I made a donation in January 2021 and I made a note on it that it was a 2020 donation. Will it be included on my tax receipt?

We make every effort to notice these notes and include the donation in the year they are intended. Occasionally we miss a note and the donation is posted to the year it is received. We can make a manual change if this happens to you and give you a new amended tax receipt. If you are missing a donation please contact Claire Schultz, Operations Coordinator to have it corrected.

What happened to the cheques/cash I donated earlier in the year? What happened to my donations before the pandemic?

All the donations received by St. Maurice Parish in 2020 have been processed into the management system. We used a secure data migration system to make the transfers from our old system. You will receive one tax receipt for all your 2020 donations. If you have any concerns please contact the office.

I asked to have my tax receipt emailed to me. Can you email me instead?If you prefer your receipt via email please contact the office and we will email it to you.

How will I get a tax receipt? How will tax receipts work without envelope boxes? 

Our tax receipt will be issued through your account. Your account is the same as it was when using envelopes only now you are registered simply by name and not by a number.

I haven’t used but I have made donations, are they accounted for?The office staff have recorded all donations into regardless of registration. When you register, the program will recognize your information and synchronize any previously recorded donations into your account.

I dropped off a cheque during the summer months and I am not a registered parishioner, will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes you will. If you don’t receive a tax receipt by mail please contact the office.

Will I receive a tax receipt for the Mass Intentions I have scheduled?

Unfortunately, CRA confiders Mass Intentions to be non-tax deductible and so we cannot give a tax receipt for them.

I made a donation though the give option during a live stream, will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes you will. When you made the online donation you provided information to receive a tax receipt.