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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

As we watch with horror the invasion of Ukraine continue, we are praying for an end to this injustice and for the Ukrainian people who are experiencing great hardship. This Lent, let us join Pope Francis in offering our prayers and fasting for an end to the hostilities and for the people of Ukraine. 

We can see there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine and across Europe as people flee to safety in neighbouring countries. How can we contribute materially to help alleviate the suffering this invasion is causing? 

Perhaps this Lent, with our prayers and fasting, we can consider supporting these organizations as part of our traditional practice of almsgiving or charity. 

Here are four reputable agencies, three Catholic ones with established connections to Ukraine and one well-known secular agency that will use donations to assist those most in need. 

May Mary Queen of Peace, intercede for an end to the conflict and for those most affected. 


Click below to donate.

Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) 


Development and Peace (D & P)  


Red Cross