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Photo: RCIA Catechumens & Candidates (Aneel, Jey, Ian, Jammie) 

On Sunday we had the Rite of Election at Notre Dame Cathedral. Our Candidate, Aneel, and three Catechumens, Jey, Ian, and Jammie were all accepted by the Archbishop as “Elect, which means they will be brought into the Church here at St Maurice this Easter! Please pray for them as they continue journeying towards Baptism (for the Catechumens), and full communion with our Catholic Church (all of them) at Easter!  

They will be going through the Scrutinies at the 9am Mass here over the next several weeks. Thank you to all the parishioners who have made St Maurice such a welcoming environment for these new members of our church family! Be sure to say hi and let them know you are praying for them!   

Catholic Nerd Alert: A brief definition breakdown 

Elect - Those preparing to enter the Church this Easter. (Everyone accepted by the Archbishop at the Rite of Election)

Catechumens - Those preparing to enter the Church.

Candidates - Those who are already baptized as Christians, but are coming into full communion with the Catholic Church this Easter. This also applies to baptized Catholics, who were missing Confirmation and/or First Holy Communion.