St. Maurice feast day weekend

Father Tim encourages us to wear red to Mass this weekend to celebrate the feast of St. Maurice.  


Weekend Sunday and Saturday Evening Masses

Capacity will go up from a 130 to a 140 people per Mass.

As of September 25 all of these Masses will require registrations.  This includes the Sunday 7:30pm Mass.  

We will accept walk-ins before Mass only if seats are available up to a 140 person capacity.  

Please enter by the lower entrance by the Atrium for all of these Masses.

The entrance off of Perry Street will only be for mobility challenged.

Registration for weekend Mass starts Sundays at 6pm and close on Fridays at 9am.

In the last few weeks we have noticed quite a few people registering for the 9am and 11am Sunday Masses and then not showing up.  We understand that sometimes people may have to cancel last minute for various reasons.  We ask that if you register for Mass that you try your best to commit to coming to Mass.


Weekday and First Saturday Masses

These Masses will basically remain the same with the one difference being a 140 person capacity instead of 130.

For these Masses people may enter through the Perry Street doors.


Votive Candles

Votive candles will be set up again in 3 areas.  By the statue of St. Maurice, by where the choir sings from and by the confessional.


Catholic Lighthouse Media

Catholic lighthouse media kiosk will be open again.


Word Among Us Books

Word among us books will be available for people to purchase.


Parish Mission, Vision and Values

Last Pentecost we released our Parish vision, mission and core values.  On our feast day weekend it’s a good chance for us to rally around our vision again and begin our 5 year plan.   Fr. Tim will be preaching about that during his homily this weekend. 

Stay tuned for all the new initiatives we’re going to be having with CCO faith studies, hopefully Alpha in the new year and other initiatives that will be happening and ways to get involved and to grow in your faith. 

Hopefully we can all find ways to be involved in some way shape or form and make this a dynamic Parish.  A Parish of people desiring to encounter Jesus and to spread his truth and gospel to those around us.