After a year of concerted effort, the Clergy and Parish Council of St. Maurice are excited to present new statements of Mission, Vision, and Values for our parish. These foundational pieces will help guide strategic planning for the parish over the next five years.


In late 2019, St. Maurice participated in the Flourishing Congregations survey, which gave us good information about our strengths and weaknesses as a parish.  

Survey participants identified St. Maurice as a warm and joyful parish led by good priests – a welcoming and safe place to explore and grow in the Catholic faith.  But it was also clear that our parish has room to grow. 

Through the survey results and various subsequent SWOT activities, we learned that a key way for us to get better at what we do would be to develop a compelling vision for our parish -- a vision that could help us refocus and streamline our ministries and activities and make us more effective as a parish of “missionary disciples”.

Over the past year, our Clergy and Parish Council have been working together to develop a new vision for St. Maurice, along with clear statements of our mission and values.  Consultation with members of our parish helped to refine and strengthen these statements.  Building on these foundational pieces, a five-year strategic plan for the parish is now being developed.

With a strategic plan in place, we’ll set off as a parish on an exciting five-year journey. Our new vision will be our destination – where we hope to be in five years’ time.  Our mission makes the reason for this journey clear.  The road map for getting us to our destination will be our five-year strategic plan.  And our values will be the guard rails that keep us on the road, heading in the right direction.

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