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Funding the Mission at St. Maurice

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Third Quarter Report – October 2021  

Through your financial support and contributions, the Lord is blessing our mission here at St. Maurice parish!  We finished the third quarter with a healthy operating surplus of $13,736.  This is in large part due to your monthly giving, which has been evenly spread between regular collections, electronic and email money transfers as well as online donations through “”.  We benefitted from the Canada Wage Subsidy and saw a significant reduction to our third quarter expenses.  Our balance sheet is in great shape, owing to our sizeable $107,470 reserve that is currently invested with the Archdiocese of Ottawa.  We continue to strongly perform thanks to your generosity!

Who’d have thought we could take on a major capital project during a global pandemic???  We are so thankful to all who stepped up and contributed to our capital campaign, which raised $120,475.  Along with our capital account reserve of $48,886 and a withdrawal from our Diocesan investment of $40,000, we successfully completed the project underbudget, carrying forward $6,339 in our capital reserve for future projects.  Our sincere thanks go out to John Farnand for his time, dedication and expertise in managing this project!  

Through these past two years our parish community has supported our mission to KNOW the Lord Jesus personally, GROW to grow together in our faith and to GO forth and share the gospel.  We have been financially viable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and hope to continue looking forward to the future of our parish.  As our parish council unfolds our 5-Year plan for implementing our vision, we will continue harnessing our financial resources so that more souls can come to encounter Jesus Christ, develop as disciples and be equipped to evangelize.

We have an exciting and life-giving mission as a Church! We invite you to continue to partner with us.  As we grow and expand, there will be many opportunities to be involved, to minister, to evangelize and to give.  Allow the Lord to inspire your heart with His vision for our Church!  Together, let’s build in the Kingdom, one person at a time!