Dear Parish Family,  

    I trust your summer is going well so far!  As August begins, I want to describe for you a couple of items which, I believe, more officially usher our parish community into a new chapter of our story as we begin to apply our parish strategic plan.       

    I am pleased to officially welcome Avery Burrowes as our new hire for the position of Evangelization and Discipleship, and Carol Gariepy as our new hire for Parish Manager.  Avery and Carol started working at our parish on August 2 and are a most welcome addition to our staff team.  We will introduce them to the parish more formally in September.  For now, they are just getting their feet wet as they familiarize themselves with all things ‘St. Maurice’.  I am going to enjoy working with them as they have great love of God, and a lot of talent and skills to offer to the upbuilding of our parish.       

    Not only do we have these two new staff members, but we are also now positioned to present a parish budget to see us through the rest of this calendar year.  We are moving away from the covid month-by-month approach.  Please take some time to look at our budget for July 1 until December 31.  Good news: we have already achieved our goals for July.  Now we just need to rally toward achieving our goals for the next five months.  With the two features of accounting for the new staff members, as well as the setting aside of three thousand dollars per month for Capital project savings, there is a need to raise our monthly targets in order to break even at the end of the year.       

    Now that we have a parish strategic plan, as presented in June; and now that the two new hires have started working with us this month, I invite you to consider contributing financially toward our budget, which is designed to directly support our strategic plan.  Let’s make this a success!       

    For those of you who are already contributing, thank you very much for your support.  May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.  For those who are not yet committed to regular financial contributions toward our parish, please consider supporting our common cause.  As our parish continues to improve and to grow, we hope, by God’s Power and Grace, to truly become more alive as missionary Disciples, and to become a greater blessing for our surrounding neighbourhood.       

    It feels good to be moving in ways that are less and less restricted by covid regulations, and to be able to dream again for better days ahead.        

    Come Holy Spirit!  Move in our hearts and lives as we, the parishioners of St. Maurice parish, begin to take concrete steps forward to accomplish great things in and through You.