First Holy Communion 

Last week, we were blessed to celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion with 37 of our grade 2 students.  The children received Jesus for the first time in the sacrament of Holy Communion surrounded by immediate family during two evening masses.  It was such an exciting time for all of the children and their families, who had waited with great anticipation for the rescheduling of this sacrament.  These boys and girls were true rockstars over the past 6 months, adapting to our switch to online First Communion preparation, diving in to virtual lessons with their families, and celebrating their big day with great joy, even with COVID-19 restrictions in place.   We are so grateful for the many generous volunteers who offered their time and talents with distanced seat assignments, ushering, registering families, decorating and providing music.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  This season has been a true reminder for all us that no matter the unexpected ups and downs we may face, Jesus is always waiting for us, ready to be received into our hearts and embraced with our lives.  May Jesus continue to fill the hearts and minds of these children with a great love for Him, a desire to grow closer to Him, and a sweet awareness of how deeply they are loved by Him.