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Yesterday was our first Alpha Online session! There are 68 people registered in Alpha, 24 team members, and 10 groups of all ages. We have several younger guests and team members in their 20s and 30s which is very encouraging! Having Alpha online has allowed people who would normally not have been able to attend, to participate. Some guests have registered from other parishes and several parishioners invited friends and family members to join with them. Our parishioners are clearly committed to the vision of the parish, to create a culture of invitation.

We have a very dynamic team, and they shared a lot of energy and enthusiasm at our team meetings. They are excited to embark on this new experience with all our guests. Although some guests were not familiar with the technology (Zoom platform), our tech leads provided a tech training session and one on one help to ensure technology was not a barrier. In these difficult times, there’s a growing hunger for the Lord and for fellowship with others. Alpha allows us to answer that need. Guests have expressed gratitude for the ability to participate in Alpha and connect with others despite a pandemic and the various restrictions.

Please continue to pray for all guests and team members as they journey together. Come Holy Spirit!