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The bake sale, raffle, 50/50 and jewelry, etc. sale was a great success raising over $4000

Here are the winners of the raffles and 50/50 draw.

Cedric McCuaig
Nancy Langdon
Ann Marie Gleeson
Marlies Paulhus
Leah Farnand
Gloria Berlie-Surujballi
Chris Siu
Barb Fraser
Ray Sullivan
Flo Costanso
Ann Egan
Mary Ellen Yeldon
Frank Egan 

St. Maurice CWL raises funds to support the parish and in the past we have bought the priest’s vestments, the altar server vestments, the holy water fonts, etc.  Also we support local, national and international charitiesA total of $ 2,500 was donated to the following charities this November. 

• St. Vincent de Paul (St. Maurice)
• Shepherds of Good Hope
• St. Patrick’s Home (Palliative Care)
• Euthanasia Prevention
• Ottawa Food Bank
• Waupoos Foundation
• Youville Centre
• Catholic Missions in Canada
• Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall Reconciliation Fund
• Catholic Near East Welfare Association
• Velma’s Dream
• Mary’s Meals