Although every ministry is usually open to new ministry workers, from time to time it is necessary to make special appeals to fill an urgent need.  Sometimes this is a key factor in being able to run a program or do a particular service.  Please consider volunteering in these ministries which have a particular need at this time.  See the appropriate page under Ministries for details.

see Ministries/Supporting roles

Kitchen - We are looking for a group of people who will run the kitchen as a service so that all groups can use it.  This group will establish instructions, support and regular checks to keep the kitchen running smoothly for all users. 

Atrium Technical - A group of people who can help with the audio and visual equipment in the Atrium, or set-up and takedown, for those using the facility who need such support

Spiritual Gifts Workshop - we'd like to run a workshop in the fall and are looking for people interested in helping make that happen

Media and Communications -  Do you have the passion and skills to support the parish communications effort: social media, livestream, website, photography, video, graphic design, lighting, audio, editing?  

see Ministries/Community

Hospitality - we are looking for interested persons to be part of a group to address Hospitality goals of the parish.

The Mom's Group is looking for people to help organize their Wednesday morning gatherings.

Parish Social Events - a team of people is needed to organize several parish wide community events throughout the year.


see Ministries/Liturgical

The Greeters and Ushers are looking for more volunteers for greeting people coming to Mass and helping the Mass run smoothly.  We are especially in need of more volunteers at the 5, 11 and 7:30 Masses.

Funeral Servers - we are looking for additional people who can act as Sacristan and servers at funeral Masses especially during weekdays.

see Ministries/Discipleship

The Library is looking for people willing to help [parishioners sign out books and materials after the Sunday Masses.

The Baptism Preparation team is looking for couples to visit and answer questions from parents preparing for the baptism of their child.

FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory is part of marriage preparation and we are looking for a young couple willing to work through the Inventory with couples.  Training is provided.

see Ministries/Children and Families

Children's Liturgy is looking for additional parent volunteers so that we may offer the program weekly.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd needs adults to be cathechists and helpers.  Training provided.